IT Support

Keep your business running smoothly. We offer full IT & Network support for your business. Our team is made up of certified experts in the field. We stay up to date with the latest technologies, so we may offer you the best solutions for your business. We cater to small businesses, offering on-site network support and computer service.

Cloud Services

We provide an Internet-based computing network, which allows computers to receive software, resources, data, etc., on demand. Cloud computing can replace regular IT services that your business uses. Cloud services can reduce costs and give you a higher ability to adapt to improving technologies.

Data Backup & Recovery

We know how valuable your data is to your business. CCS backs up your data locally and offsite for added protection and peace of mind. We will help protect your network from any threats, and keep your systems running smooth. CCS ensures that the data and systems in the company are backed up and up no matter what happens

About Us

We provide customized IT support, suited for your individual needs, as well as the tools and information required to manage and measure your support solution, delivered promptly when you need it. Corporate Core Solutions provides the best computer service in New Jersey. We help business run more efficiently and effectively by speeding up your computer network. We provide our customers with the best IT services and support. Our IT Consulting team will help determine the best solution for your business.

Computer Trouble?

Is your business experiencing a slow network? are you losing valuable time because your computer isn’t working right? Technology allows us to work more productively and efficiently. But when this technology is not working right, it delays everything. Your business could be at a complete stand still. Don’t let these issues interfere with your business. We have a team of computer support specialist waiting to help.