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Disasters come when you least expect the, In our growing digital business environment, electronic data is now the heart of all businesses and industries. Unfortunately, small and medium-sized businesses are not prepared to manage, secure, and backup all their data in case a disaster strikes. Your business data faces threats from natural disasters to security breaches such as employees walking out the door with their laptops or USB drives to something the more prosaic such as flu epidemics, crashed servers, or cars running into power poles.

With so much riding on your data, you need to backup your data to ensure the future success of your business. To handle these threats, all businesses need some sort of data backup and recovery plan that includes offsite storage. An effective data backup and recovery plan prevents everything you worked so hard to achieve from crashing down because of one simple missed step.

Corporate Core Solutions data backup and recovery solutions protect your critical data from:

Man-made & Natural Disasters As you have no control over when man-made or natural disasters will occur and threaten your business, Corporate Core Solutions backup solutions keep your critical data secured so you can get your business back up and running in no time.

Viruses Viruses can shut your entire computer network down over night rendering inaccessible without warning. Corporate Core solutions backup services protects your data so you always have access to it. You can rest easy knowing your data will never be lost.

Hardware failure When your hardware seems to have a mind of its own and just crashes and burns out of nowhere, you need a data backup to get you back up and running as soon as possible, With Corporate Core Solutions, you will never be left feeling helpless and stressed out.

Business data backup secures your data from man-made threats and natural disasters that can destroy your business. You cannot foresee when these disasters will strike. You can only planned for them and hope they never come. Here taking precautionary steps is the only way to ensure that your data, and thus your business, does not go down at the wrong time. Think of it as insurance for your data. You are paying to keep your business up and running in case of a disaster. Your data remain safe and secure and ready to use at a moment’s notice, regardless of what happens around it.

While you can backup your data locally, local data storage still leaves you open to data loss if your storage equipment fails or your data center goes down. Cloud technology lets you store your data securely offsite. Cloud technology lets small business implement data backup and recovery strategies that will actually save their data in case of a disaster giving them two levels of backup (on onsite and the other in the cloud).

Here are a few key benefits of using Complete Core Solutions cloud-based data backup and recovery solutions:

Improved data protection Backing up your data with Corporate Core Solutions ensures your data is recoverable and protected. We use industry-leading encryption and high security practices to protect your data.

Low total cost of ownership Zero capital expense and predictable subscription pricing keep you total cost of ownership low.

Ease of use Our data backup and recovery systems come with an easy-to-use web based management system and user interface.

Fast implementation You can deploy our solutions in minutes wherever and whenever you need them

Leverage your existing IT We tailor-make our backup solution to fit well with your current IT infrastructure, storage devices, applications, and operating systems.

Lower your energy consumption With backup solutions from Corporate Core Solutions, you don’t need large server rooms, saving power consumption and energy bills.

Agility and scalability You can increase your storage capacity as you needs change painlessly.

As your data is the foundation of your business, you need to securely back it up as soon as possible. Call us today at 1-800-731-6705, or email us at or leave us a message , and one of our data backup specialists will make sure that foundation remains strong and safe with our backup & recovery solutions.

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