IT Support & Management

It takes a broad range of skill and experience to manage a business. As your staff has all the skills to manage your business, you will want to leave the IT environment to the experts. You will save a lot of time and money by outsourcing your IT needs. That’s where we come in. Corporate Core Solutions is an outsourcing IT company that takes care of all of your IT needs whether it be implementing a network from the ground up or just taking care of your existing network. We also offer basic IT support.

Corporate Core Solutions helps you grow your business by customizing and building a flexible network that will make it easy adapt to your environment. CCS will increase productivity within the business by making sure that all employees have access to data whenever and wherever they may be working.

Tailor-Made Service Products

Corporate Core Solutions recognizes, not only the possibility of system malfunctions, but also the urgency with which they need to be addressed. That is why we deliver system resolutions facilitated by technical expertise in the shortest time possible, in turn minimizing the repercussions of any glitches in your network.

We are always on the forefront of the cutting edge technologies, working out the best IT support to our clients. When our It Consulting team surveys your business, we can offer you the best possible IT solutions for your business.

We understand that to run a business you need everything running smoothly

Here are some of the ways we can help your business:

Monitoring:We track your network to make sure everything is constantly running smoothly. If there is an alert, update,anti-virus alert or any other issue we know about it before it becomes a problem.

Computer Service:We can provide assistance with any desktop or workstation.

Data Recovery & Backup: We implement a system that will keep your important business files safe. Should your network go down, we will be able to recover your system and get it back up running in no time.


Remote Support:We can offer a cost effective service for remote desktop service. This way we can offer you excellent service at a low cost.

On-Site Support:We can provide on site support to your office. We will come to your office at a scheduled time and fix any issues you may have.

Emergency Server Support:We can provide emergency IT support for critical server and workstation malfunctions. We help recover any server.


For more information please contact us and we can offer you a free IT consultation for your business.