IT Support & Data Recovery

Clifton Computer Service

From networking, cloud, hardware, email, data- Corporate Core Solutions recognizes, not only the possibility of system malfunctions, but also the urgency with which they need to be addressed. That is why we deliver system resolutions facilitated by technical expertise in the shortest time possible, in turn minimizing the repercussions of any glitches in your network.

Network Support & Security

Having a computer network can help your business by increasing productivity. Networks can help your employees share resources and communicate. Some benefits your business can receive: file sharing, hardware sharing, application sharing, and user communication. Our Staff can help maximize business resources if your looking to improve your current network. If you are looking to grow your company we can help by evaluating your business and suggesting the best possible solution for your business.

Computer Protection & Clean Up

We know how frustrating it can be when your computer slows you down that is why we implement effective anti-virus and spam software to keep your computer running smoothly. We know what software to implement for your type of business and apply the necessary protection to your network. We constantly keep track of your system remotely and receive notifications when something has gone wrong, this way we can act immediately.

Data Backup & Data Recovery

Corporate Core Solutions knows how valuable your data is to your business. CCS backs up your data locally and offsite for added protection and peace of mind. We will help protect your network from any threats, and keep your systems running smooth. CCS ensures that the data and systems in the company are backed up and up no matter what happens. Corporate Solutions protects your business from outside attacks and internal abuse of your network by providing a layered defense that will protect all your data.

Email Server Solutions

Email is an important part of any business these days. It used to communicate with customers and other employees. We offer email server installation, email server support, hosted email support, , email spam managing and email archiving.

Infrastructure Virtualization

Approximately 70% of the standard IT budget for a non-virtualized center is poured into maintaining the infrastructure, meaning there is little room left in the budget for innovation. Through its proprietary Infrastructure Virtualization and Management service, Corporate Core Solutions allows you to maximize the efficiency and increase the availability of IT resources by running multiple operating systems on just one computer, without compromising performance.

Marketing Consultations

Corporate Core Solutions is unique in its provision of custom marketing consultations, issued by industry professionals with niche expertise in product promotion and customer relations management. We advise on and devise marketing strategies proven to be effective in publicizing our clients’ products and services, as well as in improving client retention. In addition, Corporate Core Solutions assists in the development of a complete marketing system, tailored to your company, designated to drive further leads to your business.

Web Development

Corporate Core Solutions creates high quality websites of any intricacy. We bring your virtual ideas to life using the precision and attention to detail needed to deliver an exact product of your vision. Corporate Core Solutions also offers consultations and assistance in terms of choosing website aesthetics and operations for those who may be overwhelmed with the development process. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the successful establishment of your online presence.

Search Engine Optimization

Corporate Core Solutions specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to be utilized in the improvement of your web visibility. By refining both internal and external factors that influence search result rankings, our SEO service ensures your site appears earlier and more frequently on a search results list, thus increasing the amount of traffic driven to your site.

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