Network Security Solutions

Network security is a must for any organization today. We live in an ever-increasing digital world where everything is connected to the internet in some way. Your customers want the convenience of using your services wherever they are. Your employees want to do business on their mobile devices so they don’t have to be stuck at their desks. As these two movements grow, they create new risks for your company every day, and you need a robust enough network to handle them all.

What is Network Security?

Network security comprises to all the measures your company takes to protect its computer systems from these risks. A compromised computer system means hackers or a competitor may have access to your confidential customer information, business secrets, or other sensitive data. Security breaches may also lead to data loss or damage to your computers.

The best network security requires users to jump through several layers of security to reach your network. Generally, your network security is proportional to the number of layers users have to go though to access your network. The more layers you have, the more secure you are. However, all those layers reduce the flexibility of your network. You have to balance your security with your access needs to your can do your work while protecting your data.

Robust security systems are great, but hackers create new threats to your network every day. That means you have to updating your security continuously to stay ahead of the game. You also have to establish how your organization will handle if any of those new threats manages to breach your network. Thus, your best bet is a multi-pronged attack that handles anything and everything that people can throw at you to keep your data and network safe.

What Network Security Corporate Core Solutions Can Do For You?

Corporate Core Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of network management and security solutions that handles every aspect of your network security. We take the initiative to prepare your infrastructure to handle anything thrown at it instead of simply reacting to threats as they come. This lets us fix problems without having to take down your network long before your users come away of them.

This proactive approach enables your network security to handle todays multifaceted information computing technologies. Your company remains up to date with the latest technology and updates with little or no downtime.

Our proven network security solutions and applications establishes a unified threat management system designed around your business. Our firewall protects you from malicious traffic but lets your mobile workforce log in as needed. Our security management service keeps you informed about every threat to your network as they take place. We also provide weekly security patches and application upgrades to maintain the health of your IT network.

Besides the firewall, we integrate your network with a powerful anti-virus suite to protect you against viruses, phishing, hackers, Trojans, spyware, and everything in between. We keep your network healthy and your business safe with daily scheduled automatic virus updates and continuous virus scanning and removal controlled via an always active management console.

We compliment your firewall and anti-virus with offsite data backup and disaster recovery solutions that eliminate the risks of data loss during emergencies. Corporate Core Solutions stores your files in encrypted storage servers were humans cannot read them. Only you and other authorized users will have access to your valuable, sensitive, and confidential information.

Network security from Corporate Core Solutions protects your business from vulnerabilities in your network that may cause unwanted downtime and revenue loss ensuring that your security is never compromised. Our security experts stand ready 24/7/365 to give you prompt responses to any security issues or threats that may come your way. We integrate a proven network security plan you’re your business network so you can rest assured that we got you covered at all times.

Corporate Core Solutions is here to make sure that all your business IT needs run smoothly. Network security is the core component that makes your computer systems work the way you want them. As every business is different, our certified consultants will tailor make your network security according to your business needs and industry regulations ensuring that you have the best security solution for your business.